Katherine Loukopoulus – Kobudo Seminar

28. - 29. Oktober 2023 St. Pölten

Am 28./29.10.2023 findet ein Kyu Kyu Kobudo – Seminar mit Katherine Loukopoulos Sensei in St. Pölten statt.

Katherine Loukopoulos Sensei, born in Greece, called Okinawa her home for fifteen years. She is not only a world champion martial artist, winning the gold medal at the World Karate/Kobudo 1997 championships in Japan, she is also an outstanding instructor who has taught all over the world. Holding an M.A. in forensic psychology and criminal justice, she is also a communication specialist, lecturer and author and has instructed courses on law enforcement in police academies. Today she continues to teach and promote martial arts from her home in Athens, blazing trails, traveling and giving seminars throughout Europe.

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